ART PHOTOGRAPHY with Anne Zahalka


Picture this place…24 August – 6 September 2019

Our Guest Artist Program has twice hosted renowned Australian Photographer Anne Zahalka in MOROCCO 2014 and 2016

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PLAYING THE PART 2016 series

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Anne Zahalka, Untitled (tourist photographer) 2016

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Presenting Specialist Art Tours,  ACTM works with selected artists who have a culturally sensitive approach to place and a specialist media or area of practice that provides a focus for a cultural experience with a difference.

This 14 day tour traversed a large part of southern Morocco from the ancient city of Marrakech, over the spectacular landscape of the Atlas Mountains to the northern edge of the vast Sahara. Participants were  able to observe one of Australia’s most professional and accomplished artists at work, learn new skills and develop their own unique photographic art portfolio of Moroccan contemporary life.

Traveling with Anne we experienced the wonderful world of the indigenous Amazigh (Berber) people, the wealth and beauty of the Moroccan landscape and culture, including traditional music performance, visits to contemporary art galleries and museums, artisan workshops and historic collections of rare artefacts.

The warmth and good humour of the people is immense and the insights into the Islamic world and Amazigh spirituality and contemporary life fascinating. Accommodation is provided in the most comfortable traditional guesthouses, and we enjoy the extraordinary delights of Amazigh food and hospitality.

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